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About Northern Mountain Design

Northern Mountain Design came about after many years of experimenting, studying good designs, and reading all I could on the topic. I am John Wills, a life-long New Englander with a passion for design, helping others, and nature. Northern Mountain Design is an attempt to bring all of those interests together to help you create a unique subtly bold look for your business – typically inspired by nature and New England.

Since the late 1980s, I have produced the occasional business card, letterhead, newspaper ad, and web site for friends, family, and organizations I have been involved with while continuing to refine my design style. In the late 2000s, I began offering stock business card designs that have grown in popularity. Northern Mountain Design was born to draw more attention to my design work.

The name “Northern Mountain Design” is intended to reflect the nature and New England influences of many of my designs.┬áIt also reflects my goal to be able to spend more time enjoying the northern mountains of New England. I can create designs any place I have access to a computer – or at least pencil and paper.